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Don't know where to start when wedding planning? I Do.


How I Do Consulting Co. Came To Be

I have always loved weddings - I LOVE love! In the last few years in my free time, I started accumulating A LOT of random knowledge about the intricate logistics of weddings (thanks Instagram!). I always just thought, "Ok, one day when the time comes for me to get married, I'll be the most prepared bride ever." But I realized, not only should I share the knowledge I have gained, but I LOVE sharing it! That is how I Do Consulting Co. came to be and I'm so excited to set you and your partner up for success on your big day!  

Our Values


I'll always be very upfront about what I am able to offer you and at what price.


This is YOUR day; I'm just here to set you up for success by collaborating with you to create your dream celebration.


One of my main goals in this work is to make it fun for you to make your special day happen.



Solutions Tailored To Your Needs

Wedding Basics

  • 1 Hour Private Collaboration Session

  • Detailed take-home presentation including planning timeline, day-of timeline, tips on saving money, and important things to not forget


Wedding Basics+

  • 2 Hour Private Collaboration Session

  • Detailed take-home presentation with everything Wedding Basics offers + intricate details & tips about signage, photos, ceremony, reception, and more


Ad-hoc Private 1 Hour Consultation

After we have our initial session, I'm always here if you need me. You can reach out as many times as you need to schedule an ad-hoc private 1 hour consultation in regards to anything you are needing advice on.


Booking Logistics


You select the package you want, then click the "Book Now" button to email me and let me know your interest.


We set up a time to meet and I send you a video conference link and contract. You send payment and the contract back at least 24 hours prior to the session and I will reach out 24 hours prior to the session to confirm. 


We have our session and I send you the presentation.


You have the best wedding ever!



Let’s Work Together!

Sami Siteman, Owner & Head Consultant


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Thanks for reaching out!

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